Scales for Warm Up

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Warm Up Correctly & Shoot 100%

As I shot baskets at 24-Hour Fitness recently, I was thinking about my old coach’s advice about warming up and shooting accurately, and how his advice might pertain to guitarists.

He said to start by shooting easy shots – close-in layups – to get your mechanics going, your muscles loose, and your confidence level up. You should shoot these at close to 100%.

Then gradually increase the distance from the basket, shooting easily, being as relaxed as you can.

His comment: If you can’t make the easy close-in shots, you won’t make the long ones. So, ease into the harder ones.

I suggest guitarists take this advice to heart. Develop a warm-up routine that starts easily and slowly. Warm up your hands. Play perfectly – very relaxed, at a slow tempo and low volume – so that your confidence level is high from the first note.

That confidence will carry with you as you gradually increase your speed and power with more challenging music.

At the top of this post, I’ve included an end-of-the-neck-scales exercise PDF, using the five common guitar keys: C-A-G-E-D. You may download it, and use these scales as your “layups,” starting slowly and quietly.


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