Mark & Greta in Rochester, Minnesota

Mark and Greta visit Mark’s hometown for his high school reunion, and a gathering of the state champ basketball team! We’ll have a party and a shoot-around, and see if anyone can still dunk (or run, for that matter)!   Photo: Mark at Chief Justice John Marshall Park in Washington, D.C. Mark’s high school takes its name from the illustrious 19th Century Supreme Court justice.

Mark & Greta in Los Altos, California

Mark and Greta join Mark’s early “Waterwheel” partner Fred Cummins for music on Cinco de Mayo during the morning service at Foothills Congregational Church in Los Altos. Directions.

Acoustic Guitar Summit Concert in Hillsboro, Oregon

We’re thrilled that Walters Cultural Art Center has included us once again, this time in their 2018-19 concert series. Doug Smith is in New York and Chicago till June as part of the cast of the new stage version of August Rush, so Terry Robb and I have invited exciting Hawaiian virtuoso Jeff Peterson to join us. Jeff taught with Terry and me at the our 2015 Guitar Seminar. What a great player and great soul!  Tickets | Directions