Mark & Greta Perform in Laguna Beach, California

Mark and Greta perform Sunday morning in services at Laguna Presbyterian Church in idyllic Laguna Beach, California. We join the sterling vocals of Beth Pinney, and the Laguna Pres house band. It’s always great fun to be involved, and to play with these great players and singers. Venue  

Mark & Greta Perform in Portland

Mark and Greta perform for a private function in downtown Portland, Oregon. Complete with guitars, ukes, percussion and new bass octaver!

Mark & Greta in Los Altos, Calif.

Mark and Greta join Fred Cummins in Los Altos for the church service Sunday morning, September 29. Solo guitar, vocals, pipe organ and choir music will all be included!

Mark & Greta in Rochester, Minnesota

Mark and Greta visit Mark’s hometown for his high school reunion, and a gathering of the state champ basketball team! We’ll have a party and a shoot-around, and see if anyone can still dunk (or run, for that matter)!   Photo: Mark at Chief Justice John Marshall Park in Washington, D.C. Mark’s high school takes its name from the illustrious 19th Century Supreme Court justice.