Mark & Greta Perform in West Linn, Oregon

Mark and Greta for the second time in August will bring their guitar/vocals/uke/percussson act to the “503 Restaurant” just two miles south of their home in West Linn, Oregon. For reservations, call (503) 607-0960. As you see, 503 is our area code. Directions

Acoustic Guitar Summit Plays in Wilsonville, Oregon

Mark and his hotshot fingerstyle guitar buddies Doug Smith and Terry Robb begin their 23rd annual series of holiday concerts at Meridian UCC (“Frog Pond” church) in Wilsonville, just south of Portland. Tickets will be available in the autumn of 2017.

Guitar Purchase for Players with Smaller Hands

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I received a question recently from a player with smaller hands about purchasing a steel-string guitar that fits him. I had a couple of thoughts that I passed along: Small hands suggest a couple of things to me concerning guitar size: 1) a 1-11/16″ width neck (many are 1-3/4″ now); 2) a short-scale neck; meaning a 24.9″ neck length – approximately – instead of the more standard 25.5″ (approx). Short scale makes the strings more supple and reduces lateral stretching a bit in the fretting hand. 3) a smaller body size; Martin 0, 00, and 000 guitars, for example, are short scale, […]

Acoustic Guitar Summit Concertizes in Lake Oswego, Oregon

Every time that Mark, Doug and Terry have played at the Lake Theater Café in Lake Oswego it has sold out! It’s an intimate venue, so make sure to get your tickets in advance! Address: 106 No. State Street. (503) 387-3236. Venue Website | Directions

Acoustic Guitar Summit Performs in Sacramento

Mark, Doug and Terry present their ‘Holiday Show Plus’ in an intimate house concert in Sacramento, not far from the state capitol. The venue is a newly restored downtown mansion built in 1897. For details and/or reservations, please contact Carolyn at: carolynbecker2 @, or call (916) 769-7976.

Getting A Great Amplified Acoustic Guitar Sound

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Getting A Great Amplified Acoustic Guitar Sound I have always created the tone and balance of my acoustic guitar with my hands, rather than with equipment. For instance, I always record through good microphones. But these days when I play smaller gigs and can’t use microphones, I have come up with the best, most natural sound I’ve ever gotten out of pickups and an acoustic amp. It’s a stereo setup, using two pickups. My setup is: • Fishman Loudbox Artist two-channel amp • K&K Pure-Mini pickup • Sunrise magnetic pickup • stereo endpin jack • stereo guitar cable (stereo jack […]