My Amplifier Settings

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My Amp Settings

April, 2016
As I wrote recently, I am very happy with the current amplified sound I am getting. I use a Fishman Loudbox amp, running a Sunrise pickup through Channel 1 and a K&K Pure passive pickup through Channel 2. That stereo pickup system is mounted in both my mahogany Collings SJ and Indian rosewood Goodall CJ.
The K&K has more output than either Sunrise I own, so the Channel 2 volume rheostat is lower than Channel 1. One Sunrise pickup has a slightly different output than the other, so I balance the two channels by ear.
How much ‘talent’ you add (Chet Atkins’ euphemism for reverb) is up to you. The Fishman has many possibilities to offer. I keep it simple.

Here are the settings, in case you can’t read them from the photo:

Channel 1:

Pad: Out; Gain: 10:30; Low: 10:00; Mid: 10:30; Hi: 12:00; Phase: Out; Effect A Level: 9:00; Effect B: Out; Effect A: Reverb 2.

Channel 2: 

Pad: Out; Gain: 10:00; Low: 10:30; Mid: 10:30; Hi: 1:00; Phase: Out; Effect B: Off.

I play with the Time and Depth rheostats depending on the settings of Effect A and B. I’m not a big fan of Chorus, but delay can be fun!



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