Travis Picking Bonus Videos


Welcome to Mark's website, and thank you for buying The Art of Contemporary Travis Picking! We hope you enjoy these bonus videos.

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Outside-In Travis Picking Pattern

Second Beat Pinch Travis Picking Pattern

Descending Arpeggio Travis Picking Pattern

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6 thoughts on “Travis Picking Bonus Videos

  1. hi Mark! Just bought the 12 millionth (Just a guess) copy of Contemporary Travis picking; I live in the Portland Area, and have watched you and Terry in the summit for years. Thanks for the great Music!
    I am learning from you and Mary Flower (Davis St Blues first song, and the light is just coming on now) I went to view the videos above; and the first one is the same as the third one…(intentional?) I think it should be OUTSIDE-IN TRAVIS PICKING PATTERN instead…. Great stuff Thx if you have another link pls let me know Really helps. Great teaching Freight Train is the next Goal!

  2. Thank you for publishing this book… The art of contemporary Travis Picking. I play the guitar, strumming, and I really want to learn how to finger pick. Hope your book and web page will help. I am 75 years old in November and and just finish Chemo and radiation treatment and so I have time on my hand to practice all of you lessons as I recover from the treatment.

    1. Good luck, Melvin. Keep your picking hand relaxed, and go slowly and play quietly at first. That will help with relaxation, No need to be speedy initially. Practice along with the recording for steadiness and tone production. I hope the book helps with your recovery! Mark

  3. I am returning to this Travis picking book after an absence of many years. (I had the earlier edition w/ the CD). I’m really enjoying the videos for additional practice and the streaming audio samples that can easily be looped and slowed down. Most of this is review for me and I can play “Over And Out Rag” from memory. My goal is to get “Hesitation Blues” under my fingers. Thanks for a wonderful update to a guitar book classic.

    1. You’re welcome, Diana! Thank you for rediscovering it. Then onward to Art of Solo Fingerpicking! That will take you to a higher level!

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