Travis Picking Bonus Videos


Welcome to Mark's website, and thank you for buying The Art of Contemporary Travis Picking! We hope you enjoy these bonus videos.

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Outside-In Travis Picking Pattern

Second Beat Pinch Travis Picking Pattern

Descending Arpeggio Travis Picking Pattern

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3 thoughts on “Travis Picking Bonus Videos

  1. Thank you for publishing this book… The art of contemporary Travis Picking. I play the guitar, strumming, and I really want to learn how to finger pick. Hope your book and web page will help. I am 75 years old in November and and just finish Chemo and radiation treatment and so I have time on my hand to practice all of you lessons as I recover from the treatment.

    1. Good luck, Melvin. Keep your picking hand relaxed, and go slowly and play quietly at first. That will help with relaxation, No need to be speedy initially. Practice along with the recording for steadiness and tone production. I hope the book helps with your recovery! Mark

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