Chord Chart for the Pixar Movie Coco’s “Remember Me”

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Remember Me Chord Chart

I’ve had several students (one is singing it in both English and Spanish) ask for these chords after looking at rather suspect versions online. This chart contains chords for the main version you can hear on the soundtrack and YouTube, not the slow lullaby version in C.

The recording is in the key of G, sung very high in places. I’ve also provided guitar chords in the key of D, in case you need to sing it in a lower key. Using key-of-D chords with the capo at V produces the original key.

An unusual chord progression is the F-B7-Em. This is unusual in that Fmajor to B7 change jumps by a “tritone” (six frets, 1/2 octave). In jazz, one of these chords will often substitute for the other – a ‘tritone substitution’ – but in that case the sub itself usually includes a tritone (F7, for instance in the case of “Remember Me”), and often a flatted 5th. The unusual use in “Remember Me” is that BOTH chords are included. (For more, see my Tritone Substitution article.)

In measure 7 of verse 2 – at the ‘F-chord’ point in the chord progression – the F is altered slightly to Dm7 (Dm7 includes F’s notes) and used differently: as a II chord in a more common II-V-I (Dm7-G7-C) progression. This happens after the composers set up the listener to expect the unusual F-B7 change, but the second time around they dash the listeners’ expectations by providing a more sedate II-V-I.

This is a good use of this article’s musical TIP:

Keep your audience engaged by playing with their expectations.

Have fun with it!

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