Mark Hanson is a well known performer, author, and instructor in the acoustic guitar field. He has authored over two dozen guitar books and DVDs on a variety of topics. Mark has released ten solo and group recordings, one of which – Solid Air Records’ “Henry Mancini Pink Guitar” – won a Grammy for best pop instrumental album in 2005.

Mark and his wife, Greta Pedersen – Young Audiences’ 2009 National Artist of the Year – founded Accent On Music, LLC in 1985. Together they have published dozens of Mark’s titles, performed worldwide, and played and sang for the President of the United States in San Francisco in 2009.

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Tips, Articles, & Updates

Guitar Purchase for Players with Smaller Hands

I received a question recently from a player with smaller hands about purchasing a steel-string guitar that fits him. I had a couple of thoughts that I passed along: Small hands suggest a couple of things to me concerning guitar size: 1) a 1-11/16″ width neck (many are 1-3/4″ now); 2) a short-scale neck; meaning […]

A Tribute to John Renbourn

September, 2016 Greta and I were invited to a tribute gathering this month for English guitar hero John Renbourn. John died at the age of 70 at his home in Scotland in March of 2015. Unfortunately, we had to turn down the invitation to attend. This is the tribute I wrote to be read at the […]

“Take the ‘A’ Train” Revisions

DENNIS MURPHY, of Dateline NBC, is a fingerstyle guitarist and fan of the genre. A question came to me from Dennis that others have asked as well, so I will use it for a ‘Tip From Mark.” Thanks, Dennis! CONSECUTIVE PULL-OFFS: My arrangement of Billy Strayhorn’s “Take the ‘A’ Train”, published in Great American Songbook for […]

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